"How it came to be"
by Ron Soave, Roscoe, IL
OK, I just received an email from Larry Daniels echoing an idea a few of us have had in
the works for a month or so. Buster's latest offer of generosity with AH Spares catalogs
confirms - it is now time for the first call to arms for the first and, if we do it right,

As anyone who has paid attention knows, Buster is the original owner of his 1960 Bugeye,
and is in the process of restoring it. The restoration needs a jumpstart. In my recent
"winter of hell" moving a business from California, I had the chance to hang out with
Buster a bunch of times, talk cars and a lot else, break bread (and wind) with him at his
beloved Mexicasa restaurant, and confirm my suspicions that he's one of the good guys
(I also had the pleasure of meeting Billy Zoom, another great guy. In addition to sharing the
Spridget addiction, there are many of us who grew up in NY listening to WLIR and
watching Midnight Special who would have killed to see his iconic Gretsch Silver
Jet guitar hanging in his studio as I did!).

So....it's time for the Cluster. Buster's car is at paint right now, his shop is a good work
space with organized tools and parts, it's ripe for the finishing. We may even have
help from Moss (quiet Frank) to deliver parts at a severe discount, if not cost.

Several Midwesterners and east coasters are up for the trip, and we know we can count
on the leftcoasters to support this as well. This will likely be a few months from now in
midsummer based on schedules, logistics, Buster's paint shop, etc. I ask for preliminary
commitments now, and, for argument's sake, let's shoot for July 28th-30th for the Cluster,
with some smaller pre-Clusters prior to that to ensure we can be at a state where Buster
and Pam can drive the car around the block by the 30th. Billy Zoom is scheduled to have
a pair of little Zooms arrive around that time, and maybe we can blitzkrieg his Sprite as
well since it isn't likely he'll have a lot of time this summer after the twins arrive.

Who's in?
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